Some of our most requested services are:


Data Science Training

With technical developments coming up at an incremental speed, changes in regulation that are faster than the speed of adoption, and an ongoing war for talent, it’s becoming harder and harder to guarantee that your risk management expertise stays in-house and up to date. Our team of data scientists can provide training sessions on specific topics or techniques.


Data Quality Diagnosis

Though financial institutions have some of the richest databases company could have, you can often find issues with data imputation and structuring. These can have a drastic impact in the quality of the insights you can get from the data you own. Our team of data scientists can go through your existing databases, find issues such as discrepancies and inefficiencies, report them back to you, and propose solutions that can improve your data management practices.


Model Building

If you only have the need to build a specific predictive model and you don’t have the need to add a solution like James to your toolkit, our team of data scientists can help you with that. As long as you have the data and well framed problem, we can create several predictive models for you to test and deploy.


Champion-Challenger Workshops

One of our most requested services is to organize a JumpStart, a one-day workshop where you can use James to build models using your own data. This will allow you to benchmark your current models’ performance and assess whether or not you should be starting to test machine learning techniques. The intellectual propriety of the models created during the JumpStart is yours. You can then use them to check the model’s performance and stability over time.

Risk Team

Outsourced Risk Team

Not every lender wants or is able to maintain an in-house risk team. Quants are in high demand and it’s becoming harder and harder to keep your talent from being poached. If you wish to add risk management expertise to your ranks without having to go through the process of building a team from scratch, we can provide that expertise. Yet, we highly value our client’s independence, so if at any time you wish to start having your own risk team, we’ll be happy to help you pick the appropriate profiles for those positions.