Optimize your portfolio performance.
Companies using James have been able to increase their acceptance rate by 10% and decrease their default rate by 30%.


Leverage state of the art Machine Learning algorithms to create high-performing predictive models and scorecards.


Get preemptive alerts regarding your models' metrics and access all the information required for internal validation and regulatory compliance.


Seamlessly deploy your predictive models. James provides you all the necessary parameters for on-premises or cloud deployments.


Get regular reports regarding your models' performance: discriminatory power, population stability, and probability of default calibration.

Test our Credit Risk Calculator to understand how James can help you.

Your interest rate:

Default rate of accepted population:

Loss rate:

Acceptance rate:

Amount of money you have loaned out:

James helps you decrease your default rate by up to 30%. In this case:

Your new Default Rate

How much you gain

How much you gain

in percentage of past profit

James also helps you increase your acceptance rate by up to 10%.
With the same default rate applied to the new accepted population:

How much you gain

How much you gain

in percentage of past profit